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Raccoon Removal

Guaranteed Philadelphia Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are some of the larger and more vicious nuisance wildlife out there. Because they are nocturnal, we don't see them as often as other potential pests, but let's be honest: you don't need to see them to know they've invaded your home. Quite frankly, the scratching, running and chewing noises they make at all hours of the night are enough to alert you of their unwelcome presence. If you're suffering through a raccoon invasion of your home or office, then you need to call AAA Pest and Wildlife, your Philadelphia raccoon removal experts.

At AAA Pest and Wildlife, we have been helping members of the Philadelphia community rid themselves of raccoons since 2000. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're in any of the following situations where a Philadelphia raccoon exclusion, removal or related service is necessary:

  • Raccoon infestation in fireplace or chimney
  • Raccoons running in walls and beneath floorboards
  • Attic invaded by raccoons
  • Raccoons causing problems in your garden
  • Live raccoon emergencies
  • Clean-up, carpentry and restoration of the mess made by the infestation

Whatever the issue, we can take care of it humanely with an expertly executed Philadelphia raccoon removal or exclusion, and we'll clean up their mess!

What is a raccoon exclusion?

If you've been dealing with a raccoon infestation for years, then there's a good chance that the raccoons in question are quite fond of their home and won't want to leave it, or that other area raccoons are also well aware of how to get into your attic, wallspace or chimney. Because of this troubling reality, a simple trapping and Philadelphia raccoon removal does not guarantee that the raccoons won't return.

In cases of longterm raccoon residence, you need a complete and total Philadelphia raccoon exclusion. This means that first the raccoons must be vacated from the premises, usually with a one­way door or another type of humane method, and then your property must have all of the potential entranceways sealed off and repaired to ensure that the raccoons cannot return, even if they want to! At AAA Pest and Wildlife, we guarantee the success of every Philadelphia raccoon exclusion because we make it impossible for the animals to re­enter your home.

Why worry about raccoon infestation?

If you don't think that raccoons living in your home or office is an urgent issue, then you're wrong. In fact, there are countless hazards associated with these unwelcome guests, some of which can be detrimental to your health or hard on your wallet:

  • Ruined and ripped insulation from feces, urine and chewing can allow asbestos into the air as well as cause respiratory problems from breathing in dust from the decaying fecal matter
  • Chewed up wiring can become permanently dysfunctional
  • Holes chewed in wood can lead to water leakage and damage
  • In your backyard or on your patio, raccoons can destroy a garden plot

Clearly these potential problems cannot be ignored. The only true solution is a removal or exclusion by the Philadelphia raccoon control experts at AAA Pest and Wildlife. Raccoons aren't going to show themselves the door, so let us do it for you!

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