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Possum Removal

Your Philadelphia Possum Removal Professionals

Opossums, colloquially known as possums, are some of the nastiest nuisance wildlife out there. With their sharp teeth and claws, they are capable of doing some incredible damage to your home, office or other property. But how can you tell if you're dealing with possums? If you hear scratching, chewing and running noises throughout the night, then you might have one of any number of potential pests. We don't recommend that you inspect the situation yourself, however -- leave that job to professionals like AAA Pest and Wildlife, the Philadelphia possum removal experts.

Since being founded in 2000, AAA Pest and Wildlife has been solving the greater Philadelphia area's opossum infestation problems with ease. You may be in need of a Philadelphia possum removal, exclusion or related services if you're experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Possum invasion of chimney or fireplace
  • Possum problems in the garden or with your trash
  • Live possum emergencies
  • Attic infestation by possums
  • Possums in your walls or under your floorboards
  • Messes, odors and destruction associated with possum occupation

No matter what you're dealing with, your Philadelphia possum removal professionals can humanely extract the possums and take care of any damages. We can also take care of any carpentry repairs necessary as a result of the possum infestation.

What is the difference between exclusion and removal?

Opossums don't just go away on their own, and a simple removal isn't always going to do the trick. The reason for this is that other opossums are attracted to the smell of urine and fecal matter, so even if an opossum is evicted from your attic, it's likely that more catch on from the smell. Because of this phenomenon, it is sometimes necessary to not only remove the opossums but also to do a full-fledged Philadelphia possum exclusion.

An exclusion is when we use humane methods to evict the animals and then, once the area is totally vacant, seal off every possible entranceway to ensure that the possums will never return. This is known as an exclusion or, more simply, making your home or property "possum-proof." As Philadelphia possum exclusion experts, we guarantee that the animals WILL NOT get back in!

The pitfalls of possum invasion

Some people think that a possum invasion will just take care of itself when the possums either die or vacate the premises on their own accord. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and, if ignored, the possum infestation can result in one or more of the following hazards:

  • Respiratory problems can occur from breathing in the dust from the ripped and gnarled insulation that has been soaked in opossum urine and fecal matter
  • Wiring chewed by opossums can become permanently dysfunctional
  • Chewing of wooden fixtures can lead to leaks and water damage
  • Outside of your home, a garden plot can be quickly laid to waste

If you know there's something crawling around in your attic or behind your walls, you need to act fast to avoid the potential costly damages done by nuisance wildlife like opossums. To get the help you need, call or email AAA Pest and Wildlife, the trusted Philadelphia possum removal company.

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