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Groundhog Removal

Dependable Philadelphia Groundhog Removal

While a lot of our customers' problems come from indoor wildlife invasions, we also get plenty of calls from people in need of Philadelphia groundhog removal services from a trusted source like AAA Pest and Wildlife. Ever since being founded in 2000, we have been helping to control nuisance wildlife and impressing clients with our nononsense attitude for humane animal removal.

In order to escape their natural predators, groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, will tunnel underground for shelter. But where do they dig? If you're struggling with one of the following groundhog occupation issues, be sure to give our Philadelphia groundhog removal service a call:

  • Groundhogs under patios
  • Groundhogs beneath decks
  • Shed underbellies invaded by groundhogs
  • Groundhogs digging along your foundation
  • Garden or flower bed groundhog destruction

So no matter what kind of groundhog infestation issues you're having, AAA Pest and Wildlife is your go­to for Philadelphia groundhog removal.

Philadelphia groundhog exclusion

Simply trapping and relocating the problem groundhog(s) is not always enough. Often times more groundhogs will enter the area and enter the same dens, causing a vicious cycle of garden destruction and land disruption. Furthermore, other pesky animals like skunks like to hang out in old groundhog dens. Yuck! To remedy future groundhog invasion issues, we recommend letting us prep your property for groundhog exclusion.

A Philadelphia groundhog exclusion is when an underground fence is installed to ensure that all routes beneath your fence, patio or deck are blocked from all future reentry. In essence, we will "groundhog-proof" your yard or garden so that when groundhogs do show up in the future, they won't have any suitable habitat to inherit. We're so confident that it works, we can 100% guarantee your satisfaction!

What's so bad about groundhog infestation?

A lot of people don't realize that the sunning groundhogs on their lawn can actually cause some serious damage. Here are some of the reasons why people frequently call us for Philadelphia groundhog removal:

  • Groundhogs sometimes attack family pets and can be carriers of rabies and other diseases
  • Groundhogs are known destroyers of gardens and flower beds - they will stop at nothing (except for an exclusion fence) to eat your veggies and flowers
  • Driveways, walkways and other structures have collapsed through the combination of groundhog tunnels and erosion from rain
  • Once abandoned, groundhog burrows can attract other wildlife like rabbits and skunks, so making your yard "groundhogproof" through exclusionary methods is often the only longterm solution

With AAA Pest and Wildlife on your side, having groundhogs in your backyard or under your deck isn't the end of the world. The positive side is that the mess they leave is outside and not in your attic, but the negative is that a lot of people don't pinpoint the groundhog infestation until it's too late.

As soon as you see a groundhog or find a burrow, you need to call AAA Pest and Wildlife to ask about our Philadelphia groundhog removal and exclusion services. Your call today could save your garden, your pet or even your driveway from the potential pitfalls of groundhog infestation!

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